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Greytower Open Software License


This document regulate how software, articles, essays, tutorials and reference guides produced by Greytower Technologies, and released for public attention may be distributed and used. It is loosely based on the Perl Artistic License used by Larry Wall's Perl programming language.

The Greytower Open Software License - in this document known as The GOSL - regulates what you can do to the programs, packages, text, and source code we make available. It also regulates what we can do.


All software linked from the Greytower website is, unless otherwise clearly marked, copyright © Greytower Technologies. This is per the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

Creative Commons License

Some documents, copyright Greytower Technologies, may be licensed to you under the Creative Commons License. Such documents will be clearly marked.


The name of the software license used on all Greytower's software
A program, system, or code developed with Greytower software as its basis.

You May

You May Not

We don't ask you to download any of our software. If you do, and you, your systems, family, sweethearts, pets, country, planet, solar system or universe come to any harm; feels offended, is hurt, or otherwise has a rough time it has nothing to do with us, and no law of any jurisdiction now, in the past, or in the future is accepted as claiming otherwise.

Please note before downloading: downloading any document, source, program, article, essay, or similar from Greytower is an explicit confirmation that you have read, understood, and accepted the rules set forth in this document.

We May Not


There are certain exceptions as to the free use and distribution of all Greytower software, specifically:

Plain Speech

This is what you can do without any restrictions:

This is what you cannot do:

Once again: our programs are ours. Don't charge for'em, don't say they're yours, don't blaim us for what they do, don't blaim us for what YOU do, and don't let'em anywhere near anything GNU. Apart from that you're free to do what you want.

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