About Us

Greytower is a one-woman Swedish company, run by Tina Holmboe since 2002, and based in Stockholm.

Tina has worked with a range of different systems since her first professional job in 1993 writing Perl-based CGI scripts for the University in Oslo. She's still writing Perl, but the employers, style and quality has changed over the years.

Since 2002 her company has worked in the EU market, more often than not in the United Kingdom, with development, test, and web accessibility. For the most part Greytower focus on LAMP systems (Well. LAPP, to be honest.)


From Perl and Python, to mySQL and PostgreSQL; from Linux to Windows, and Emacs to Visual Studio, Greytower can field a wide-ranging set of skills and experience.

Our well-secured servers give us the ability to offer a number of remote development environments, although we also do on-site work in Sweden and to a certain extent in the UK. Whether at a distance or locally we attempt to mesh with existing development teams, and are well-versed in various forms of electronic communication - be it by IRC, Skype, Google Hangouts, or other, similar, ways.

We pride ourselves on our careful use of revision control systems such as Subversion, and our ability to precisely document the work we do. Writing documentation is only one facet of our quality development philosophy.


Software testing, both automatic and manual, is a particular skill. Tina has worked with testing since 1995, both as a tester and manager. She's led teams, planned testing and test cases, executed same, and managed documentation and reports.

Greytower can offer solid, real-life experienced, skills in this area. We are tool-agnostics, and believe in the maxim of "the best tool is the one that gets the job done".


Our primary work today is with the siteSifter quality and accessibility assurance tool.

This cloud-based system is designed to automate testing those parts of a website that can be objectively measured. The tool is used by our customers and ourselves to evaluate sites and applications for accessibility problems, and to check for best-practice problems and code violations.

Now, and in the past, we have worked with, among others, the Swedish Government, the EU, and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) in the UK.

We keep a keen eye on new developments in standards, techniques and browsers, and are at the forefront of analysis methodologies.

While siteSifter flag issues that may need manual checking, no accessibility review is complete without human inspection. For manual accessibility (#a11y) audits we prefer the expertise of RNIB Access Consultancy Services, whom we can warmly recommend. For more information regarding their services, please contact RNIB's Web Access team, part of RNIB Access consultancy Services, at webaccess@rnib.org.uk.

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