Greytower Technologies (UK) Ltd. Operational

Content last updated 14th of April, 2004

Greytower Technologies (UK) Ltd. Operational

After more than six months of preparations, Greytower Technologies (UK) Ltd. has been given the go–ahead by Companies House, and is now working in the field of web accessibility in England.

From this day onward, this English sister–company of Greytower Technologies will trade exclusively in the United Kingdom, whilst maintaining close ties with its Swedish counterpart.

Greytower Sweden wishes our younger sibling in the United Kingdom the very best of luck in this new market!

About Greytower

Greytower Technologies is a Swedish–based company with a UK presence, specialising in system development and automated quality auditing on and for the World Wide Web. We perform single and multiple site audits using a number of different tests suites, including accessibility guidelines.

Greytower has been registered with the Swedish Tax Office since 2002.

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About siteSifter

siteSifter is a web–based quality and accessibility testing system, complete with project management and workflow features. Monthly subscriptions are offered by Greytower Technologies.

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