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I once commented to a friend on IRC that I was the personification of the NIH syndrome - and as such it would be against all character to actually use a non-homegrown library for CGIs ... :)

Fun aside - I've been writing CGI scripts since 1993, and have my very own opinions on how good, Perl-based, libraries for use with CGI should behave. PetiteCGI is my solution to these problems, written specifically for my needs but with some thought given to how others could take advantage of the work.


PetiteCGI is a group of modules, each designed for a specialized task such as encoding/decoding of data, template handling, and so forth. Each module can be used independently of the others to reduce memory overhead.

Each module also contains the Perl equivalent of a class, is based around object-oriented methodology, and should be used that way. This means that Perl 4 is right out - sorry. All PetiteCGI modules demand Perl 5 and above.

The current version of the PetiteCGI package is 2.0a16 (Alpha) from the 12th of November 2004. This revision number does not necessarily reflect the status of individual classes within the package which will have their own revisions.


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