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Accessibility testing of web documents can be made much easier by using good, automated, tools. siteSifter, a product of Greytower Technologies, is just such a tool. It uses advanced pattern matching ... Read the article about siteSifter

Accessibility – history and philosophy

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This article aims to explain accessibility by taking a brief look at the history of information management, problems and solutions, and the philosophy of access for all. Read our article on accessibility

Disable CSS Bookmarklet

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On observing some startling effects of a commonly use "Favlet" for disabling CSS, Greytower commissioned well-known accessibility expert and writer David Dorward to investigate ... Read the article on disabling CSS with Javascript

92 Accessibility Audits

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The article, all seven glorious pieces, describes a project which Greytower was involved with during the fall of 2002 and spring of 2003. In short, the Swedish National Audit Office commissioned an examination of government agency websites ... Read the article on government accessibility audits

Content-typing XHTML

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The content of documents on the WWW is important – not only in the traditional sense, but also because an UA need to understand the content from a technical point of view ... Read our article on content-typing XHTML

Custom CSS

by , uses browser detection to serve browser-specific CSS-files. This essay discusses the method used. the tools involved, and touches upon whether it is a Good Thing to do. Read our article on customising CSS files

The Z Files

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Using CSS in the right way, elements of a web-page can be positioned both over and under other elements. This article explains the concept of a "layer", and shows some examples of how to use this in web design. Read our article on layering elements with CSS

Tsutsumi – the Art of Giftwrapping the Web

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When creating pages for the Web, it is important to keep in mind that visitors may come from a multitude of different situations, using a multitude of different technologies. This article describes a good philosophy to keep in mind, and shows a few methods to avoid problems. Read our article on tsutsumi and the art of web design

CSS vs. Media

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Printer friendly pages can often be found at sites around the 'net, but there is actually a functional and already supported alternative to the work involved in creating and maintaining multiple pages of content ... Read our article on how to apply different CSS for different media

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